We want as many people as possible to play netball of ALL Abilities

We want everyone to feel welcome and inclusive

No All England Netball Affiliation Needed


BEGINNER - Refresher/Taster weeks

Are you a netball newbie or are returning after last playing at school? 

Learn the basics, brush up on techniques and get a chance to put them straight into action with a shorter match at the end

Our Beginner sessions will:

Introduce or re-introduce you to the rules of the game

Help you develop your netball skills

Improve your general fitness making you more match-ready 

Increase your tactical awareness

Develop awareness, positioning and co-operation within your team

What to expect each week for refresher weeks and :

45 minutes learning various netball drills, improving your all-round ability in the sport

45 minutes putting your newly learned skills to the test in a casual, friendly match



In Recreational Divisions, you can expect casual fun matches with a lower degree of competition.

Recreational Division is for you if:

You've come along to the refresher sessions

You’re looking to have fun and get fit, but you won’t lose sleep if you lose the game!

You haven’t played Netball in a while

You want the emphasis to be on ‘fun’ rather than ‘mega-competitive’

You’re a group of friends/colleagues entering a netball team for the first time

What to expect each week:

You’ll take part in a 40 minute, casual, moderately competitive league match



The temperature in the Intermediate divisions heats up a bit more compared to Recreational

Participants have a solid grasp of the rules, and want to step things up a touch

Some of our Intermediate players also play in the local leagues, so we have a good standard of netball played

Once you’ve played a few seasons in Recreational divsions you would be looking to head to Intermediate, this is a natural step if you’re looking for that extra challenge

More experienced teams often can enter comfortably in recreational divisions

Depending how long since you played, if you played at 1st team at school or 1st-2nd at university or previously or currently played in the local netball league you should be ready to dive straight into Intermediate divisions

What to expect each week:

You’ll take part in a 40 minute competitive league match against opponents with a good degree of skill



Weekly games over 10-17 week period (see Duration above)

40 minute total fixture length - 8 minute quarters 


All equipment provided

Up to date League Fixtures & Standings online

Medals for division winners

Recommended squad size = 9