I would like to sign up as an individual, Am I too young/Old?

We are an over 18's league.

The people you are in the training with are most likely to be your team.

It gives you a good insight into the team feel!

We have a great mix of ages!

Our Leagues players ages range from 18-50+ !

I don’t remember the rules – can I still join?

Yes of course you can.

Players of all abilities are welcome to join our leagues.

This is why we have both taster sessions and refresher blocks.

We want you to get back into netball safely.

We do not feel that coming back straight into matches after a
long time out is the best thing to do.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident that you know
what you are doing!

Our umpires are very friendly and will help you pick the rules
back up even after you have gone into the league.

Netball is a game that you need to be ready for to play safely.

We would not put you into competitive matches until we feel
you are ready for it!

Can I wear jewellery or have long nails ?

We follow England Netball Rulings on jewellery and Nails.

Therefore only a plain wedding band or religious/medical

flat bracelet may be worn whilst playing but both must be

taped and covered.  

All other jewellery including fitness trackers and any piercings

must be removed before you take the court.  Please see the
rules for further clarification on this.

Nails must be short and smooth.  There are no exceptions to this.

All umpires reserve the right to refuse to allow a player to take

the court if they do not abide by these rules

I am pregnant – Can I play?

We follow England Netballs latest guidelines

that state that pregnant women should not play

netball after 12 weeks, and this is only if you are

already playing.

It is for your safety so please respect this decision.

Do I need to bring/wear anything in particular?

You just need to wear appropriate sportswear
to play in and water.

We highly suggest netball trainers if you decide
to continue with Netball.

Invest in yourself!

For the first session trainers with good grip will
suffice and then to wear regular comfortable sportswear.

No hoods, Layers are best.

Do I need to be affiliated to England Netball?

No, we are not an England Netball affiliated league

so there is no need for you to affiliate with them to play.

Am I able to pay weekly or in cash

Netball Nights operates a cashless service.  

All payments are made via our online system.  

It is not possible to pay weekly, we require payment
in advance of each section.

Taster - Single Session,

Refresher Block - 6 Sessions,
and then you share of the season costs -

Usually 12 weeks before the season start.  


What if I want to exit the league?

You can leave the league only at the end of a season by giving
at least 2 week’ notice prior to the end of the season. 

If you are injured , you will still need to cover your subs until

you find a replacement player or the season ends.

This means by midnight the day of your second to last fixture.

What happens if it rains?

Our leagues play outdoors and being in the UK that means

the weather can affect play.

We monitor the weather every day and talk to the coordinator

and umpires throughout the day to determine whether matches

go ahead.  

Decisions will be made no later than 5pm and updates will be

posted on our App, Facebook and emailed to teams.

If the decision is made to play matches and the weather gets

worse the umpires will make the decision at the start of the match

as to whether it is safe for play to go on.

If it starts raining partway through a match, umpires will stop play

if they feel it is getting dangerous.

If cancelled, your matches will be added to the end of the season.