Who are we? What do we do?


We are a social netball league with a big club feel!
We coach you, by providing training sessions at regular intervals. 
We are on-site, making sure things are running as expected, and seeing what teams might need to work on in future training sessions. 
Our supportive Umpires help you get the most out of your evening. 

We want everyone to enjoy netball, for us, this means training to get you to a point that you can safely play netball, especially if you are new or returning to netball.

Whilst some of you won't have played since school...Don't let that put you off. It's a fun way to get active. 



Click on the Register Button and choose which league to register for:

  • INITIAL TASTER SESSION - £7 -  7-8.30pm Session 

No obligation to continue after! Dive in and get a taster of netball training with some gentle gameplay. Get involved and see how you feel! 

Next Step...

  • 5/6 Week BLOCK OF REFRESHER SESSIONS Pre paid - This is normally 5-6 weeks and will be 7-8.30 pm each week  - Cost: £35-£42

Here you will cover the basics of the game and skills, refreshing on the rules and how to play.

You will be grouped into teams towards the end of the refresher weeks with the other players on the refresher. 

We'll cover right from the basics so this will help everyone as well as helping you become a better netballer.

You'll increase your fitness too, there's absolutely no downside to that! 

  • LEAGUE MATCHES are Played at 7pm, 7.40 or 8.20pm* 

The league will build to have 2-4 divisions with between 6 teams in each Division. 

We operate on a repeating schedule where you will play 5/6 weeks of matches and 1 week of training all on the same night of the week.

Sessions allocations are a minimum of 1 hour long.

We ask that each team; and therefore it's players to commit to a 'season' as a minimum - This will depend on the size of your division but generally 12 weeks.

We would advise no more then 9 in a team. But you are allowed to register 10** people in your team 

You will be expected to pre-pay for your season's match fees

Contact us : info@netballnights.com

* Leagues may vary- please see individual leagues for more information

** You may register up to 12 in your team. However, this will mean your team will not be allowed to sub for other teams if they require covering players.