Step 1- Taster Session

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£7 Per person- Normally a 1.5 hour Session

This is a no-obligation Taster session

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Step 2 - The Refresher

£42 Paid for as a block - 1.5 hour Training Session

Sign up for a 6 week block of training.

Skills practice and coached match play to learn how to get the most out of your game.

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Step 3- Netball Nights League

Once in a team, you will play weekly matches.

Seasons are approximately 10-16 weeks in length.

With a minimum of those week being training sessions.

Your Team fees are £45 per week divided between the team.

This is paid in advance, before the beginning of the season.

There are NO other costs involved. 

Players in a Team Weekly Equivalent Cost
7 £6.43
8 £5.63
9 £5
10 £4.50