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  • Only a plain wedding band or religious/medical flat bracelet may be worn whilst playing but must be taped and covered.
  • All other jewellery including fitness trackers, necklaces, watches and any piercings must be removed. ONLY cartilage ear piercings that cannot be removed can be changed for a flexiplast bar with a push top fitting, these will still need to be taped with micropore that you will need to provide yourself.
  • Nose hoops or piercings will not be allowed. This is for your own safety.
  • If you take to the court with jewellery or nails and do not either cut your nails or remove jewellery at the request of the umpire, you will not be allowed to play and will not receive any refund, Everyone is made aware of this multiple time from your very first registration with us. This should not still be an issue weekly.


Nails and Hair

  • Nails must be short (no more than 1mm long and should not be seen from the underside of the finger), smooth and no acrylics. There are no exceptions to this.
  • Long Hair must be tied up



  • Please wear appropriate sportswear to play in - Comfortable and not restrictive.
  • Layers are best, we suggest wearing netball trainers or trainers with good grip.
  • Please do not wear clothing with hoods or adornments!


  • Netball is a demanding sport and we advise all players to invest in a pair of Netball trainers as soon as possible.
  • For the taster and refresher sessions; trainers that are tied well, and have a good amount of grip on the bottom are acceptable.


Note: Netball Trainers are designed to help support you with the specific demands and movements you make whilst playing netball. Running trainers or other trainers do not provide you with the level of support you would need in a competitive match


  • Decisions will be made no later than 5pm by Netball Nights. Captains will be contacted and a message put out on the FB group if the night is cancelled.
  • If the decision is made to play matches and the weather gets worse the umpires will decide at the start of the match as to whether it is safe for play to go on.
  • If it starts raining partway through a match, umpires will stop play if they feel it is getting dangerous.
  • Please refrain from contacting us about weather , we are watching the weather on multiple source and are aware and will be following the above procedure




  • Netball Nights operates a cashless service.
  • All payments are made via our online system or direct transfer
  • It is not possible to pay weekly, we require payment in advance of each section/Season of your netball journey with us
  • Discounts are applied 12.5% for each season, whilst you are in 2 or more leagues as a core member. The 12.5% is based on your share of the team cost - An equal division amongst all registered players. If you are a PAYG player for any team you are not entitled to any discount
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