Netting Nutters


I hope you are all well. 

Subs are now overdue, please get these cleared asap. 

Please remember to warm up off court before your game EVERY week it is so so so so important. 

Jewellery and watches: more info on the League here, please try to watch it as no excuses are accepted for non-adhereance to the rules, This will be enforced under the rules and there will be no hiding of jewellery or watches, This is for safety reasons, so please work with us( excuse my errrmmmss, I was the day after having spinal surgery and I was dosed up and also no sleep!!!!.

Otherwise a read of the rules around jewellery /earrings etc.

These are the push top piercing retainers I am on about, speak to your piercer about getting these.


Please can you all make sure you have 'push notifications' turned on for Sportsplus app please?


Except for those we know about and are trying to fill positions, No one is permitted to be added to a team register unless to replace an injured player.

Please look at your team roster and get in touch if someone is missing from your team. 

If you have a returning player, Please send them my way as we have spaces in other teams.

I hope to see you in a few weeks when I am allowed to drive!!

Lisa O

Upcoming matches
  • Div3 AT
    Great Balls of Fire
      Thu, Dec 01 2022   08:30 pm   Aylesbury High School Court2
  • Div3 AT
    Victorious Secret
      Thu, Dec 08 2022   08:30 pm   Aylesbury High School Court2
  • Div3 AT
    Sweaty Bettys
      Thu, Dec 15 2022   07:00 pm   Aylesbury High School Court2
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  div4 at   Crappacinos
Thu, Nov 24 2022 07:00 pm   Aylesbury High School Court2
Score: 6 - 4
Result: Win  
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      Thu, Jan 12 2023   07:00 pm   Aylesbury High School Court2
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      Thu, Feb 23 2023   07:00 pm   Aylesbury High School Court2
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      Thu, Mar 09 2023   07:00 pm   Aylesbury High School Court2
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